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“To be fair, let me say right off the bat, that I’ve known Dr. Kim Rosen for about 25 years.  In all that time I never once sat in her operatory chair, as a “captive” friend, so-to-speak.

That’s because for 25 years I worked part time for dentists, in the front office.  It was in one such front office that I met Dr. Rosen, well on her way to University of the Pacific School of Dentistry from Cal State Northridge.

When I was laid off – a dream come true so that now I could write all day for a living instead – I sought dental care from Kim.  I was plenty nervous about it, she had seen something in my mouth 3 years ago, during one of my extra-wide laughs, and told me to get it fixed.

My dentist either didn’t see it, or as Kim generously offered, didn’t diagnose it as I was an employee.  Take what you want from that one…I wasn’t happy to hear it.

So, I enter the operatory.  I have a comprehensive exam, and not in any way that I’ve ever had an exam before.  I felt like I was under an extremely powerful microscope.  Not only did she get to work on that pesky tooth right away, I learned things I hadn’t been learning for years.

Did you know that there is a way to reverse your numbness?   I just figured that I wasn’t going to be able to film my weekly YouTube.  Nope.  She painlessly gave me an injection  of “Oraverse” and I was de-numbed by the time I got my car from her parking lot!

Digital x-rays are different at her office too.  Her sensors feel like slim netting, rounded and small.  Gag reflex?  Not anymore!

The tissue on the inside of my mouth was accused of sloughing behavior.  That is the icky skin that shouldn’t peel off the inside of your mouth and it’s caused by chemicals found in mouthwashes and bleach in your toothpaste.  Kim gave me a new toothpaste to try for that.

The last thing, and keep in mind this was my first visit so I expect to learn more next time, was the oral anesthesia she has her pharmacist make up for patients that don’t want a shot at all.  Just a few minutes of rinsing with “Dyclone” and I had the best darn below-the-gumline cleaning of my life.

Kim is threatening to have me watch her new patient education videos from her new software program on my next visit.  Even though she admits that not many dentists use the same technology that she employs, she feels its just matter of education.  So now you know, does your dentist?”

Eve B.

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Rosen’s office for over 10 years.  I just completed Invisalign treatment and received a great result.  The staff is great and they are “on time”, which is very important to me given my busy schedule.”

Ken B.

“Dr. Kim Rosen has been my family’s dentist for close to 20 years now. She is a complete pro and takes great care of my mouth. She has a great touch and has never hurt me.  My mouth is in good shape, but I have one tooth that has been a problem since I injured it as a kid. Dr. Rosen has taken good care of this “special” tooth and kept it alive for more years than any of us expected. Then once it finally had to go, she shepherded me through the process of removing the tooth and replacing it with an implant. This is a pretty major endeavor and I wouldn’t trust this to anyone else.

Her hygienists and assistants are all top professionals as well. I’m not crazy about having someone’s hands in my mouth, but I completely trust everyone on her staff. The front office staff are just as pleasant and qualified at what they do as the rest of her team.

After being a patient for so many years, Dr. Rosen’s staff seem like family to me. They take great care of me and my family. I can’t imagine going to anyone else.”

Dave E.

“I had an amazing experience at this establishment. I’m scared of the dentist so I was a little apprehensive at first but Dr Rosen made me feel very comfortable.”

Sonja S.

“Dr. Rosen and her staff are wonderful.  The calming and professional atmosphere of the office, make me feel welcome while also giving me a sense of security.  The professionalism of all the staff, especially Susan, Latasha and Josephine keep me coming back.  Dr. Rosen is not over agressive in her treatment and is mindful of prioritizing all of my dental needs.”

Marci S.

“Dr. Rosen has been my dentist for several years. She is awesome. Not only does she do a great job but she always listens closely to any dental concerns or issues you may be having and addresses them thoroughly. The hygienists are fabulous as is the office staff. Everyone is always kind and courteous. I never have to wait. Best dentist is Santa Clarita. Guarantee you will feel like family and your teeth will thank you!!!!”

Tonya B.

“I have been going to Dr. Rosen for almost 10 years.  I found her when I had just moved to the area & asked around to locals who they would recommend.  In those years I have had a very positive experience with her and her staff –who are the kindest, friendliest people.  I even moved out of the area but I still travel a fair distance to go back to Kimberly –I don’t want another Dentist! :)”

Windy R.

“Been going to Dr. Rosen for years. She uses state of the art techniques and equipment, and I really enjoy the office visits as the whole team is so kind and super efficient. Dr. Rosen is always professional and technically superb, would definitely recommend if you want the absolute best for your mouth.”


“Fabulously attentive! Presents many options. Staff is excellent. Little or no wait. Very fair prices. Trust Dr. Rosen’s excellent knowledge, great explanations, and efficient solutions. So happy I was referred to her.”

Janine M.

“Been coming here for years. My whole family does. Dr. Rosen found some early problems with my teeth that would have hit me much harder later. Very knowledgeable. Great staff. She does tend to lean towards the worse case scenarios with dental problems but I take that as being overly cautious. I prefer that route though. Better to be overly cautious and wrong than the opposite. Scares the crap out of me sometimes.”

David I.

“When I moved to Valencia 20 years ago I had to leave my dentist behind.  I had no idea how to find a new dentist.  My new neighbors gave me a glowing review of Dr. Rosen so I decided to give her a try.

I have experienced many dentists and dental offices in my life but nothing like this.  Dr. Rosen is simply a superb dentist.  Everything she has ever done for me and my wife over two decades has been flawless.  Even her injections are painless and ALWAYS work perfectly!  I have had problems in the past with dentists not getting me completely numb.  Not her.

Her hygienists and her assistats and her front office staff are all wonderful.  You feel like they are family when you are with them.

Of the reviewer who wrote that she was told she needed work that she didn’t,  I can only assume that the reviewer had some other motivation to write that.  Kimberly Rosen is as ethical a doctor as you will ever find.  I find her to be conservative in her recommendations.  I trust her completely.

I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful dentist in my area.  As my neighbor did to me 20 years ago, I can heartily recommend Dr. Kimberly Rosen.”

Doug D.

“Dr. Rosen has been my families dentist for about 15 years.  She and her staff are wonderful!  I am very busy and hate to wait.  I am almost always taken in on time.  Everyone is very friendly and professional.  They are all so we’ll informed.  They talk about courses they’ve  attended and new things they’ve learned.  I had a crown done last month and they used this wand to scan the tooth to make my crown.  No impression!  The crown fit perfectly and Dr. Rosen explained that the scan improves the fit and quality.  My family and I have used all her hygienists and love them all.  I highly recommend Dr. Rosen.”

Diana B.